Steps to buy at Primal FX

1. Visit

2. Select the products you want to buy

Click on the product you want to buy


3. Once inside the product detail, enter the "Quantity" you want to buy and click " Add to cart"

Select the quantity and click add to cart

4. After adding the products you want to buy to the cart, click on the "Shopping Bag" which is in the upper right corner.

5. Review your "Shopping Bag" , and click on the payment method you will use 

6. In the next step you must "Enter" your email and password if you are already a customer, or " Create your Account" if you are new.


7. We will then begin to fill in the contact details and shipping information for your order (see privacy policy) .


In the " Address " or " Street and house number " field, you must place only the name of the street, square or street + your address number if you have it. ⚠️ Avoid placing additional data in this field such as city, municipality, neighborhood, village, etc.

    Shipping Mexico
    Shipments Rest of countries


    When entering your shipping information, go to the end of the form and click on "Continue with shipments" to go to the shipping method selection screen.


    8. As the last step, confirm the "Shipping Method" and it will be sent to the payment screen 💳in which you must enter your payment information and finish by clicking on "Complete Order"

    If you selected "Zelle" you must follow the instructions sent to your email or click here .

    9. Now you will receive an email 📧 with the summary of your order.