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  • ZINC + MAX is a solution to the problem cells have of absorbing Zinc and inhibiting the development of viral infections.
  • ZINC +MAX is the Nobel formula that increases intracellular Zinc concentrations through: 1. Quercetin as a lonophore and inhibitor of viral replication; and 2. Its Liposomal formula.
  • ZINC +MAX helps to repair the intestinal mucosa (ideal in Rectocolitis, Chron, Dysbiosis, etc.).
  • ZINC +MAX is a dense liquid, with a strong flavor and an intense mustard color. It should be tested the first day up to a maximum of 2ml per shot to assess tolerance. It is bottled and vacuum sealed.
  • ZINC +MAX can be taken preventively and therapeutically.
  • Preventive Dose : 5ml daily and inter-weekly. That is, one week yes, and another week no.
  • Therapeutic Dose : 5ml twice a day for 10 continuous days.
  • ZINC +MAX should be taken any time before 6pm.

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